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5 New Features Introduced By Latest Whatsapp Update

| Published on May 11, 2020

Whatsapp has become the most used messaging platform worldwide. The app has over 2 billion users worldwide with India being its biggest market currently with over 340 million users. The makers have been trying to make the app equipped with new features every now and then to enhance the user’s experience.

With its recent updates, Whatsapp has introduced pretty cool features that can prove quite useful to us.

whatsapp open - How to open WhatsApp on laptop

Group Calling

Now you can add up to 8 users to a group audio or video call on the app. Earlier in group calls, only 4 members could be added on WhatsApp. But now the app has doubled the number of users at a time.

Call Waiting Support

Now, even if you are talking on a call on the phone, you can still receive the incoming call on the app. Earlier, users did not have the option to accept calls. Even when talking on the phone, the users could not know whose call were they receiving.

Forward Limit

WhatsApp has now reduced the limit to forward a message on the app to deal with fake news and street information. The company says that with the new limit, the number of messages forwarded on the app worldwide has decreased by 70 percent. Earlier a message could be forwarded to 5 users and now this limit has been reduced to 1.

WhatsApp has rolled out the restriction of single chat forwards ...

WhatsApp Lock Feature

Recently, WhatsApp released the ‘WhatsApp authentication system’ in Android and iOS apps. Through this, users can protect their chat. Users can secure their chat by going to Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock

New Group Privacy Settings

With the new setting, users can now control who will add them to the WhatsApp group. Users can choose from the options of ‘Nobody’, My Contacts’, and ‘My Contacts except’ in the Settings menu.

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