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5 Most Iconic Television Ads From The 90s

| Published on July 26, 2020

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, tv ads were all the rage for the creative concepts and catchy songs. Many of us who grew up in that era still have many of those ad songs stuck into our heads. It can be said without a doubt that brands at that time were more successful in connecting with their customers via these ads than they are today.

Today we bring you 5 such iconic ads (from a long list of ads) that have resonated with the viewers and stayed with them to date.

Sundrop Oil

This famous Sundrop Oil’s 90’s ad was every child’s dream back then. Whenever this ad aired with its giant tempting food items to the kid running around the food with joy, every 90’s kid felt the excitement and even hunger after watching it.


Back then television advertisements used to be fun to watch with their humor and creativity. This 90’s Fevikwik ad was one of those where the brand advertised how quick and strong their product is even when catching a fish with nothing but a stick and the adhesive.


Liril was a brand that was famous for its ads. Liril girls have all received a lot of love throughout the time. And one such Liril girl was our very own Pretty Zinta who shot to fame post the ad. It is still one of the most iconic ads of all time without a doubt.

Nirma Washing Powder

Back in the 90s, Nirma Washing powder and their ads were all the rage. The brand had a quirky and catchy song for its ad which honestly all of us remember to date.

Action Shoes

Well, I don’t know what got you through with getting ready for school in the 90s but this song is all I sang for a long long time. Action School time ad was one of the most popular ads amongst children which still makes many of us nostalgic about the good old school days.

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