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5 Most Expensive Indian Sweets That Will Surprise You This Diwali

| Published on November 8, 2020

With Diwali coming next week, we are all about the rituals, sweets and the gifts distributed. While the celebrations might not be too large-scale this time, distributing sweets among neighbours, friends and family goes without saying. Some of us enjoy the barfi, a lot of us enjoy laddoos of various kinds but what if we told you some stores in India sold ‘very expensive’ sweets by the kilo? Check them out below.

Suvrana Mithai: Rs. 12,000/kg

This gold mithai can be found at the Prashant Corner in Thane, Mumbai. The cost of 1 kg is Rs. 12,000, made of real gold. Additionally, Mamra almonds from Iran are used in the processing of this sweet which makes it extra special. This will be ideal for Diwali gifting this season and is indeed delicious.

Gold Leaf Dry Fruit Sweets: Rs. 9,000/kg

There is a shop in Surat called ’24 Carat Mithai Magic’. Does it ring a bell about a song by Bruno Mars? While we let you think about this, let’s bring it out there that these mithais are covered with actual 24-carat gold leaves! You can purchase it for Rs. 9000 a kilo. They also have other gold-covered sweets in different shapes and sizes, available around the year.

Besan Filled Ladoos: Rs. 21,000 – Rs. 30,000/kg

Besan laddoos are common. Ladoos with small dots is also common. But what if we told you there was a version of laddoos that had a filling inside? Quite new and unique right? These special laddoos come with a French Valrhona chocolate filling and are dusted off with edible gold. This ingredient is so expensive that 1 kg of these laddoos will cost you between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 easily!

Gold Ghari: Rs. 9,000/kg

The gold ghari has been making rounds of being covered with actual gold. While the normal version of the Ghari is around Rs. 800 a kilo, this exquisite gold Ghari is Rs. 9000 per kilogram! This has been made by a sweet shop in Surat, during the festive of Chandi Padvo.

Exotica: Rs. 50,000/kg

When you talk about premium, fine-quality sweets, Lucknow comes to mind as it has been declared as the state with the most expensive sweets ever made. You can find this particular sweet called ‘Exotica’ which is made by the popular brand, ‘Chahappan Bhog’. Even though the sweets are compact in size, the ingredients sourced to make it come from different parts of the world. It is a mix of mamra almonds, blueberries, macadamia and more.

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