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5 Most Expensive Indian Homes & Their Cost & Who Owns Them

| Published on March 20, 2020

At least 138 individuals in India are billionaires which brings us to a fair assumption that most of them have luxurious standards of living. Their abodes are magnificent and that being said their value is optimum which cannot be matched by any common man’s living standards. Which Indians own expensive homes in the country? Our list includes the most popular business tycoons and celebrities of India whose hard work have helped them in building something glorious, from scratch.

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Mannat’: Rs. 200 crores

Popular as one of the most premium houses in the country, Mannat gets its reputation because of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan. It is more of a tourist spot in Mumbai too as many visitors take pictures by its gates to stay connected to ‘King Khan’! None of them have had a sneak peek of course, but this grand house has an estimated pricing of Rs. 200 crores. It is located in Bandra, Mumbai and faces the Arabian Sea.

Mukesh Ambani’s ‘Antilla’: Rs. 10,000 crores

There is no doubt that Antilla is the most expensive house in India owned by none other than Mukesh Ambani. Designed by Chicago based architects Perkins and Will, in addition to the Australian based Leighton Holdings, this is a masterpiece with 27 floors and has the most luxurious amenities include spa rooms, pools, ice cream parlours and even a movie theatre. The property stands at a price of Rs. 10,000 crores!

Anil Ambani’s ‘Abode’: 5,000 crores

Like his brother, Anil Ambani did not hold back from having a lavish ‘Abode’. Price at a value more than 5,000 crores, his fancy property also comprises of a helipad and a few helicopters on it. Further, it is 70 metres high and is spread over 16,000 square feet.

KM Birla’s ‘Jatia House’: Rs. 425 crores

Welcome to the Jatia House, a furnished property spread over 30,000 square feet. It comprises of a lush green surrounding a pond that imbibes the natural quality to it. apparently, it has 20 bedrooms at least with a central courtyard and even a garden. It was purchased by KM Birla in 2015 at a price value of Rs. 425 crores. Back then, it was popular as the biggest real estate deal known to the country!

Sajjan Jindal’s ‘Jindal House’: Rs. 425 crore

Just before KM Birla’s Rs. 425 crore deal, the Jindal House by Sajjan Jindal was the most popular real estate deal priced at Rs. 400 crores. Located at Napean sea road, the property is three-storeyed with an amazing view of the sea. It was earlier the Belgian Consulate at the time of its purchase when it was bought for Rs. 125 crores. The mark up in its price makes it worth a great deal in the pages.

The other Indian billionaires with grand houses include Naveen Jindal’s ‘Jindal House’ in Delhi, Gautam Sanghania’s ‘JK House’, Vijay Mallya’s ‘Sky House’, Ravi Ruia’s ‘Ruia House’ and Ratan Tata’s ‘Retirement Home’.

Source: GQ India

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