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5 Milestones That Ratan Tata Achieved You Had No Clue About

| Published on January 21, 2019

You’ve must have definitely heard about the Tata group. And if you haven’t *speechless* Tata Group is the largest conglomerate in India and has around 30 listed companies.

And Ratan Tata is the name that connects us to the various aspects of Tata. The man who started the company which has a market value of $130 billion is admired for his leadership and charitable work.

He was born in Surat and went to study at Cornell and Harvard University. It was after his education that he came back to India too, now what is known, have a big brand to his name.

However, all this is to the knowledge of the common man. So here we have a list of 5 lesser known facts about the Boss!

#1 21st Indian Civilian to fly F-19 Falcon

The man might be called adventurously. He co-piloted the US multi-role aircraft meant for combat, F-16 Falcon, in the year 2007. It is only the top-notch businessmen and defense ministers who are allowed to fly a similar supersonic aircraft. Well, Mr. Tata is now a part of the list.

#2 Hall of Fame

Well, heard about Harvard Business school? Yes, the best one there is. Mr. Ratan Tata has a whole hall named after him in the same place. Tata Hall is an entire building in the school named out of respect for the man. It was also because a lot of funds for the building were donated by philanthropic subsidiaries of Tata group like the Tata education and development Trust..

Harvard Business School, Tata Hall, Location: Boston MA, Architect: William Rawn Associates

#3 Dassault Falcon Jet

Evident from before, Mr. Tata is a trained pilot and enjoy his flights. He owns a luxury private jet, Dassault Falcon 2000. It had a cost of whopping $22 million and is actually flow by Mr. Ratan Tata himself. He also flies his other private jets!

#4 Honorary knighthood award

Before retiring in 2012, Mr. Ratan Tata was known for his company’s heavy and huge British investment and philanthropic work. It was because of this reason he was awarded the Knight Grand Cross of the order of the British empire, a recognition which is the highest British civilian award. Oh, he is also the first Indian to receive this award after Independence.

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#5 Philanthropy

The company, Tata trusts were known to invest $800 million towards charities before 2012. Tata trusts is a 66% stakeholder in Tata sons and was directly connected to Mr. Ratan Tata himself.

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