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5 Marketing Lessons To learn From Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

| Published on January 24, 2019

We are all familiar to our PM’s journey from a tea-seller to the Prime Minister of India. Our PM has not failed in giving us some major marketing goals. Let’s discover the Top 5 Lessons we all must learn:

#1 Innovate everyday

An innovation is something that is essential to all firms. A few years back, people were charged with a fee of 5 rupees to listen to Modi’s speech in a BJP rally in Hyderabad. This had never happened in Indian politics before and the Funds collected were donated to flood-stricken Uttarakhand.

Lesson: During challenging situations, organizations should understand that innovations have the capability to attract the consumers’ loyalty as the company would in their “good-books”.

#2 Trust is the key

The report that 15,000 Gujaratis were to be withdrawn from the flood-ravaged Uttarakhand within two days received widespread attention and shocked many. An institution, responsible for responding to natural or man-made calamities was established developed trust amidst the Gujrati government and the citizens.

Lesson: Winning the trust of the customers should be the principal objective of all enterprises. You cannot just turn your face away at times of emergencies, rather you need to modify your game plan and keep the consumers satisfied.

#3 Being a Pro at digital media

Digital medium plays essential role in a business where social media is the leading operative. Mr. Narendra Modi is the most followed Indian politician on Twitter and has a team dedicated exclusively towards updating content on social media.


Lesson: It is crucial for brands to be careful while deciding on mediums for getting publicity as the medium should be both pocket-friendly and impactful. Presently, social media is your best bet as it will fulfill your needs at negligible costs!

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#4 Understanding the consumers’ needs

He maximized his campaigns as the General Elections drew closer and held massive rallies to transform BJP’s Mission 272-plus into a reality.

Lesson: It is best for companies to adopt on-ground measures involving the consumers. This helps in building a mutual understanding between them and leads to better investment returns.

#5 Sticking to the Base

Our PM has been subjected to a lot of criticism for his “Hindutva” ideology by several groups. However, he is now trying to change this view by naming himself as a ‘Hindutva Nationalist.’

Lesson: It becomes very troublesome if the brands are fickle in their principal aims. It would be best for the companies if they stick to their initial objectives and serve the customers. Just imagine how difficult it would be for the people to stay loyal to a company if it keeps changing its objectives!

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