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5 Instagram Trends That Were Popular Amongst Influencers In Past Month

| Published on September 6, 2021

Instagram trends and filters are something that goes viral almost instantly. Especially amongst the social media influencers. These influencers make these trends and their followers shower them with likes and comments.

Looking at the popularity of these trends, Instagram releases a new filter every now and then. Today we bring you some of the latest trends that were all over social media in the past month.

1. Catch My Face Challenge

#catchmyface filter is the leading trend amongst influencers on Instagram at the moment. The filter has your eyes nose and lips moving around and all you have to do is catch them by blinking at the right moment. While some may have been able to blink on time, many hilariously missed the chance. The trend is all about the errors and the fun people have laughing with their friends and family.


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2. #YouCanDoIt

Bo Burnham’s song Bezos dedicated to Jeff Bezos has become the latest trend where people are sharing their transformation journeys. This trend had influencers lipsyncing the song with details of their own and two images showing what they looked like and how they look now. The trend #youcandoit is everywhere on the gram.

3. Questions I Get Asked Trend

This trend with ‘The Magic Bomb’ song in the background was followed by influencers of all fields from entertainers to motivational speakers to professionals. Many made this trend with informative content that was a fun way to learn something new.


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4. Friends Clap Challenge

This trend is for every ‘Friends’ fan out there. Influencers were seen trying this challenge with their friends where they would clap on the right beat in the intro song without listening to it. Did you try it too?


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5. 1,2,3,4…

In this challenge, influencers were seen tagging their loved ones in the sweetest way. This challenge was trending on social media and many influencers were seen making reels on this.

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