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5 Insanely Creative Resumes Made By People To Impress The Employer

| Published on February 1, 2019

We all know how competitive the job market is and how most of the times, many people are eyeing and fighting for a few positions and only those who are extremely talented and lucky, get the spot. Well, to get into the limelight, some people even go the extra mile and do completely out of the box things to impress the employer.

Here are some of the best and insanely creative resumes made by people trying to woo the specific employer.

Philip Dobost for Amazon


Philip is a Tech Product Manager in NYC, who wanted to get a job with Amazon- one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. While people consider such jobs even more serious than the others and scratch their brains trying to make that perfect resume, Philip recreated a whole Amazon page as a résumé! The webpage, err resumé, illustrates his skills as the “product” summary and of course “product details” are his physical attributes.

Sadly his creativity did not land him a job at Amazon, but he ended up getting a job with an online cosmetics company.


Mathew Epstein for Google

Now Google is a name that given a choice everybody would want to work for, but not everyone thinks like Mathew

Mathew ended up creating a great video requesting Google to hire him. He aimed at a product developer position while it is said that it seemed that the attempt was more suited to a marketing profile. But nevertheless, Mathew’s video got many views on YouTube and also got himself a job at a fun startup called SigFig


Alice Lee for Instagram


Alice Lee was a 20 yr old Upenn, Wharton student who really wanted to work for Instagram.

Lee said she wanted to work for Instagram because it would perfectly marry her love of photography and tech. Lee spent 2.5 days building and designing a website Dear Instagram – With Love, Alice, (which now doesn’t have the resume anymore and has turned into a full-fledged site to showcase her entire portfolio) to host her 4-page resume

As per information, Lee ended up getting a job with Dropbox instead.


Elski Felcon for Snapchat


While the others recreated the company’s medium to showcase the résumé, this guy used the medium itself to create his!

Elski Felcon, applied for a job at Snapchat using snaps as his résumé and put it together in this video. Reports say, that Elski has not heard back from Snapchat about his “application” as yet.


Nina Mufleh for Airbnb

Mufleh always wanted to work for Airbnb. After moving from the Middle East, Mufleh lived in San Francisco for a year, unable to land a single interview with the company after months of submitting job applications, answering listings and sending emails to the company — until now.


Fueled by a renewed passion, she did not rework her old résumé but redesigned it completely to show Airbnb what it was missing and how she Nina could help. With the help of a web designer from her previous job, she created this webpage, replicating the AirBnB site completely, showcasing a detailed analysis of AirBnB’s potential in the Middle East. According to Mulfeh, it took a week of researching and gathering market data to create the resumé.

Not without results though, as her creativity blew the minds of Airbnb’s higher-ups and she landed an interview with the founder. Nina Mufleh, unfortunately, did not land the dream job with AirBnB and is working with the startup Upwork currently.

Although these people did not taste much of a success when it came to landing up with their dream jobs, their creativity definitely deserves an applaud. Also somewhere it reflects that people are opting for different methods to showcase and present their resumes and we may see the old black and white word typed resume dying a natural death.


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