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5 Industries That Are Booming As People Sitting At Home

| Published on April 6, 2020

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has left a lot of countries under severe lockdown, there are many industries in the world that are taking full opportunity of people being at home. There are always two sides of a coin, and in this case, some industries are seeing a hike in viewership or sales.

We have gathered together a few fraternities who are minting large money because of the country based lockdown so far. As countries fight it all out to prevent the virus from spreading further, there is no confirmation on any improvements so far. In order to lighten the mood, let’s look at some industries that have boomed ever since the lockdown was implemented.

1. Online Banking

As contactless delivery options are being utilised by most customers, you might come across your online payment apps crashing from time to time. This is because of the massive surge online as more and more customers pay their dues through the Internet rather than just paying for things and services upfront. But hey, better to be safe than sorry?

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2. Music/Video Streaming

As most individuals have to be home, you need to do something to keep it entertaining. Binge-watching shows and movies are the daily mantras for most of us. The occasional music is what keeps us going. Of course, these 2 industries are seeing many users online and hence have reduced the quality of their services in order to accommodate more and more customers.

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3. Online Education

With most schools and colleges being shut, people have to rely on studying online as teachers and professors arrange for suitable online classes through different video conferencing applications. It is a good opportunity for everyone to become more tech-savvy and it also hints towards a world that would heavily thrive on getting things done, from the vicinity of the home, whether it is education or work.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment is not just limited to watching or listening to things online. There are apps like TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat that are keeping people entertained. More and more individuals are becoming gutsy of showing their true selves online for the sake of entertainment. Further, games are being downloaded in bulk that is keeping most of us engaged throughout the day.

5. Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry is the one which is benefitting the most from this lockdown as every other individual is rushing for necessary supplies to keep themselves safe and also take sanitary precautions in order to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. People are spending every penny on buying hand washes, creams, sanitizers, disinfectants, gloves, masks and essential medicinal supplies. More and more companies are also delving into this industry to meet with the hike in demand.

Aavis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

It’s been a few days since all of us are in this lockdown and we are to witness a few more of these. Take all necessary precautions to keep yourself and your family safe during this crisis. We can only hope for this to pass soon.

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