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5 Indian Startups That Have Achieved Big By Selling Healthy Snacks

| Published on October 29, 2018

People who are quite serious about their Health and always search for delicious munchies that are less in calories and more on the fitness side, get ready to taste some wholesome nutritious delights with these Indian ventures that are working hard to bring you a healthy appetite.

Given below are names of some startup ventures that bring yummy delights for those who are super conscious about their health.

1. Poshtik

In 2016, Two CA professionals Kritik Thakur and Pranav Sharma together founded Poshtick in Noida, UP. They aimed to provide full specification of calories and portion available on their healthy snack list that right now comprises of one healthy drink along with a plethora of tasty snack items. The best part is that their products do not make use of sugar and rather have Honey and Jaggery as their substitues. Not only this, their full range of healthy savoury delights includes cakes, bars, power mixes, Granolas and Flapjakes etc at affordable prices. Along with these, you can order a box of healthy delights especially designed for diabetic people on monthly or weekly subscriptions


Running a Farmerpreneur Movement, Two brothers, Chandrashekhar Basavanna and Mahesh Basavanna, from Karnataka established OrgTree focussing on Millet-based products since 2014. Their brand name Kiru offers good and healthy millet food available for everyone straight from the farmers itself. Millets need no pesticide or unnatural processes to grow, and Orgtree manufactures millet snacks under the brand Kiru. It offers Kiru Millet cookies (Almond, Ginger, Classic priced at Rs 90 for a box of 150 gm), the Kiru Health Bar (a multi-grain health bar priced at Rs 40), and Kiru Millet Sticks (banana and ajwain variants, priced at Rs 35 for 50 gm). Currently bootstrapped, OrgTree has an online presence and delivers to all metropolitan and Tier-II cities across the country

3. The Green Snack Co.

The Green Snack Co, founded by Jasmine Kaur in 2015, began with three variants of kale chips. Their range now includes varieties of quinoa puffs and grain sticks – all of which the startup claims are gluten-free. Instead of baking or frying, the kale crisps are dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve nutrients; quinoa puffs are roasted. Their range is now present in over 40 retail and gourmet stores in Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. They are also available on over 10 gourmet food websites and have tie-ups with cafés and restaurants

4. SupaStar

Founded by Pawan Raj Kumar, Shoaib Kohli, and Suupratik Deb in 2015, Gurugram-based Supa Star Foods manufactures healthy snacks from corn. Supa Corn sells differently flavored corn kernels like Peri-Peri and Chipotle, apart from fresh corn kernels, and corn cobs. The team claims that their packaging technology, called Oxyfresh, helps the product stay fresh and free of any micro-organism growth for nine months. Their other product is Misht, a new-age mithai. Supacorn, which has raised an undisclosed amount in funding, is now available in around 3,000 shops across the country.

5. Snackit

This Bengaluru-based bootstrapped startup rents out vending machines stacked with healthy snack options and beverages to corporates. Snackit clocks up over 4,000 transactions daily from regular snacks, as well as healthier options like oat cookies, jalapeno peanuts, fruit medleys and granola bars. It was started in October 2015 by Ashish Nimodia. Snackit promises 24/7 service and quick replenishment, ensuring that companies have a continuous flow of snacks and beverages, day or night. The monthly rental of the vending machines is between Rs 12,000 and Rs 18,000. Snackit is also present in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

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