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5 Indian Beverage Brands That Have Fascinating Stories

| Published on August 21, 2020

Did you know that the beverages you consume on a regular basis, in fact, have some great stories about how they started? Let us take you down a trip to memory lane as we talk about their stories that may inspire you to have your own conglomerate someday!

Thumbs Up

Thums Up for Indian Cola | Serious Eats

Thumbs Up was introduced to India by the Parle Brothers at the time when Coca Cola was reinstated by the government. To compete against PepsiCo, Thumb sUp brought out around 85% of profits in the market share in 1993. Currently, the brand is 40 years old!


Summer Drink of the East - The Red Drink! - ICONS.PK

Hakim Abdul Majeed brought in Roohafze in 1906. It is a non-alcoholic drink whos distributions were set around Delhi only, during its initial days. This drink is quite popular amongst the kids and teenagers of our country. The brand has a loyal fanbase, whose products can be found in various grocery stores in different cities in the country.


Limca (lime & lemon) Colddrink लिम्का कोल्डड्रिंक ...

Limca was also brought out by the Coca Cola company in 1993 along with Maaza, Citra and Thums Up. It caters to a distinct audience niche that prefers a tangy flavour to their beverages and competes against the likes of 7UP and Sprite.


Rasna Masala Orange Soda recipe | Shraddha Tikkas recipes | Recipebook

Owned by Ahmedabad’s Peona Industries and launched in 1976, Rasna is a delightful non-alcoholic beverage with a typical mango flavour, and is very popular among kids in India. The 2015 market record’s show Rasna owning at least 85%.


Keventers - The Original Milkshake | India's Iconic Shakes & Ice ...

This company is based in Kolkata and was known as the Aligarh Dairy Farm in 1900, synonymous to the destination in Delhi. Ram Krishna Dalmia took over the ownership of the company in 1940, after which the brand became popular for launching the first ever milk powder. Since then, the brand has expanded in manufacturing different kinds of milk and milk products, including the uber-popular Keventers milkshakes.

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