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5 IIT Graduates Who Switched Careers For The Betterment Of The Society

| Published on October 20, 2019

Graduation from an IIT is said to be an experience of a lifetime. The whole process that one goes through as preparation and college make thy a man. However, all said and done, an IIT has led people to become CEOs, entrepreneurs and even politicians.

Most importantly it has also led people to become responsible citizens, there is a list of IIT graduates who are trying to contribute to society.

Let me introduce 5 such IIT graduates who altered their career tracks, picked something entirely different and worked for the society:

1) Bipin Dhane

A 2013 IIT graduate, Bipin had a secure corporate job in Singapore where he worked for 1.5 years. However, the job lacked fulfillment and when he got the opportunity to teach underprivileged children, his mind automatically agreed. He went to Majuli in 2015 to teach and two years later in 2017, he founded Ayang trust, a step ahead in the education sector. The trust works to have a community library for the villages, working with local women weavers of the village for lifestyle improvement.

2) Shashanka Ala

After studying for five years at IIT Madras, she decided to become an IAS officer. She works in Mizoram now, fighting the battle against malnutrition. As a deputy commissioner, she started an initiative to have schools grow food on their own terraces and use it for mid-day meals, saving costs and time. Moreover, she ensures that the compost used is given by the administration and a small kitchen is also provided.

3) Arvind Saraf

An IIT Kanpur graduate, he worked at MIT in the US as a researching computer architect. However, he always wanted to do something for his country and had it in the back of his mind. Hence, once he came back home, ‘Swasth India’ was founded. An NGO based in Mumbai, it works on the path of sustainable health development of various community and villages across the nation.

4) Dr. H Harish Pande

Another IIT Kharagpur graduate, he became a social entrepreneur when he founded SELCO. His journey has been about his passion for solar energy, social work and innovation. His company focused on eradicating poverty from the country via sustainable strategies.

5) Devendra Purbiya

As an IIT Kharagpur graduate, he worked a desk job for six years initially. However, he always had photography as a hobby on the side, during college and after as well. So, after those gruesome six years, he stepped out and hasn’t had any reason to fear now.

Being an IIT graduate teaches you a lot and yet, it is your choice where you want to apply the learnings or where you see yourself five years down the line. Many people want to invest their education for society often a little later in the career graph, when the realisation strikes. While for a few of them, the primary motive to aquire educaton is to serve the society.

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