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5 Gadgets That Have Vanished After The Launch Of Smartphones

| Published on August 21, 2020

Human life has always been about evolution and change. Ever since the stone age era, we humans have developed technology to make our lives better every day. The tech we have today was unthinkable even a decade ago. These techs have either replaced the old ways or have been a breath of fresh air with its innovative designs.

For instance, Smartphones have become more of a necessity than a luxury they once were. Years back when smartphones were not so common, people relied on multiple devices that a smartphone today comprises. Since its invention, this old tech has gone obsolete and even forgotten. Today’s generation may not even believe these techs existed or how they were used at all.

These are the techs that are no longer around since the Smartphones took over.

1. Cameras

While professional cameras will always exist, there was once a time when every household had a camera. These cameras came with a reel that had to be developed later on and there were only so many pictures that you can click. With Smartphones and their in-build cameras, there has been no need to have a separate gadget anymore. Making a film reel or even digital cameras extinct.

2. Landlines

Many of us have a memory of using landline phones with big dials and curled up wires when we were younger. If we go through our family albums, there is a picture of everyone on their landlines or sitting right next to it. Though smartphones have made this device obsolete in households, it is surely missed a lot.

Landlines can be found in offices, however, those are the digital most latest versions of the old landline.

3. Alarm Clock

We all have had an alarm clock that would wake even the dead. Those small portable alarm clocks were the weapon of every mother to make sure her kids got ready for the school on time. However, these small devices have been strategically been replaced by smartphones as they come with an in build alarm clock.

4. Pagers

In the day and age when we have the service of sending unlimited SMS, who remembers something as ancient as a pager? Though it served a similar purpose, the tech went extinct as soon as the smartphone was launched enabling people to send SMS at the go.

5. MP3 Player

The most recent tech to go obsolete with the emergence of smartphones can be considered as an MP3 player. These gadgets were all the rage when they were launched. Almost every teenager dreamed of owning one with a playlist of all their favorite songs. However, smartphones have yet replaced another gadget. On every smartphone with apps like Wynk & Saavn & Spotify, there is hardly any need to have an Mp3 player.

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