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5 Forgotten Hero Honda Bikes Which Ruled The Market Once

| Published on September 17, 2019

Hero Motocorp has become the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer in terms of volume. But long back, when Hero & Honda where manufacturing motorbikes in India as one, they gave us some of the most unforgettable bikes.

Let us take a look at 05 Hero Honda bikes that ruled the market once.

1. Hero Honda Hunk

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In 2007, Hero Honda launched the 150cc variant, Hero Honda Hunk, which generated 14.4 Bhp. Its muscular design earned him the name of ‘Hunk’. Impressively, this bike had a Front Wheel Disk brake feature.

2. Hero Honda Ambition

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Hero Honda Ambition launched in the year 2002, keeping in mind the needs & desires of the youth. Ambition had 133cc engine which produced 11 Bhp power & 10.5 Nm torque. This model also had a 5-speed transmission feature.

The design of the bike was very attractive & Ambition was the first of its kind to be launched with a 133cc engine. At that time a 150cc engine was more popular.

3. Hero Honda CBZ

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When Hero Honda launched CBZ in India in 1999, people instantly loved it. Its style was its biggest USP. CBZ had 156.8 cc engine which generated 12.8 BHP power & 12.45 Nm torque. The model also had a 5-speed transmission.

4. Hero Honda Sleek

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Considering the needs of a college-going student, Hero Honda launched Sleek in the year 1989. This bike had a 100cc engine, generating 6.8 Bhp and a 4-speed transmission. In the 100cc segment, Sleek was considered as the most sporty bike at that time.

5. Hero Honda CD100

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Coming to the most popular and in-demand bike of its time, CD100 was launched in the year 1985. This bike came with a 100cc engine which generated a 7.5 Bhp. The bike also had a 4-speed gear feature. Ever since its launch, CD100 went through various upgrades & changes in the coming years.

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