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5 Food Brands That Made Health Fashionable

| Published on August 1, 2018

Health has always been a reason for concern in every individual’s life and with the growing awareness; people have started taking it really seriously. But if you look a little back in time, healthy foods generally meant a compromise on taste. Now with changing scenarios and demand of health foods, brands have really put in a lot of efforts in making the health foods taste good. Let’s take a look at the top 5 health foods that not just changed the taste game but have almost become a fashion statement in their own space.

1. Raw Pressery


The brand who came in the year 2013 has only seen an upward growth. The USP of Raw Pressery juices was bringing in cold-pressed juices and without any preservatives. Taking really small steps, they started with only deliveries in Mumbai and Pune that too with the help of Dabbawalas and now they boast of 750 Points of Sale and 400+ QSR outlets.

They have a wide range of juices, which are divided into 4 broad categories, Benefits, Boosters, Basics, and Soups. In this category, they are by far the most popular and reliable brand. From just 8, they now have 19 juices in their kitty and also one of the first brands to bottle sugarcane juice.

2. Saffola Oats


The game changer in how oats are eaten in our country because Saffola brought in oats in different flavors. From a boring and only sweet form of oats that people were used to, they gave it a makeover by launching them in flavors like cranberry and strawberry. Not just this, keeping the Indian taste buds and weakness for ‘masaledar’ food, they launched oats in Masala flavor and then went on to add other variants like Italian and Chinese flavors, making it a great choice for different palates.

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3. Organic Quinoa


Now seriously, who knew about Quinoa and its benefits till a few years back? All thanks to some fancy restaurants who started using this ingredient in various forms, from cutlets to salad, Quinoa became the new health fad and quinoa from Organic has been the most loved choice for health-conscious people.

4. Typhoo Green Tea


Just like Saffola Oats, Typhoo changed the game when it came to tea, and more especially the green tea. From simple green tea to make so many different flavors available in the same, Typhoo offered customers more than tea; they offered a flavourful experience, which helped them gain immense popularity. And there is no denying that even their fruit infusions have met with a great response from customers in the Indian market.

5. Yoga Bars


These rich in fiber and made with 100% natural ingredients, energy bars became one of the best snacking options for people who wanted something like a chocolate or fruit bar but were conscious of the health. These bars both rich in energy and nutrients along with great taste offered consumers a really good product.

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