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5 Most Expensive Typos In History Which Will Make You Will Think Twice Before Making A Typo

| Published on November 20, 2018

As a human, it is acceptable that we all make mistakes. The impact of a mistake can be judged by so many factors among which money is one of the primary ones considering the value material things have. You must have seen many instances on social media where people get trolled for doing something typing mistakes. If you do the same while working for a popular brand, trust me these Typos can be so embarrassing and costly. Today, we are sharing the 10 most expensive Typos happened in the history:

When a fat finger made a bank lose $340 Million

In December 2005, one of the largest banks in Japan announced to sell the shares of a recruiting company for 610,000 yen each (Rs 3.6 lakhs). Everything was going okay but a typo which is generally caused by fat finger syndrome priced the shares for 1 yen instead of 610,000 yen. Within no time, 610,000 shares were sold and the company lost nearly $340 Million.

When an airline made a typo error in their flight ticket rates

In 2006, Alitalia Airlines mistakenly listed business class flights from Toronto to Cyprus for $39 instead of $3900 dollars. Passengers saw this opportunity and took advantage by booking the tickets as fast as they could. After knowing this, the airlines did try to cancel the tickets, but they faced huge criticism. So, to save the reputation, passengers were allowed to fly in the business class costing the airlines a loss of nearly $7.2 million.

A racist Pasta worth $20,000

Penguin Australia published a cookbook manual called “The Pasta Bible” in which they mistakenly printed “ground black people” instead of “ground black pepper”. This made them destroy 7000 printed books and cost them nearly $20,000!

An erotic vacation worth $18 million

In 1988, a Californian travel agency advertised about an exotic vacation in the yellow pages, but they misspelled it as the erotic vacation. The company lost 80% of its customers due to this and the agency later sued Yellow pages and won $18 million on the grounds of gross negligence.

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The typo that destroyed a NASA rocket

July 22, 1962, is the day which gave the world one of the most expensive and infamous typo in the history. The NASA investigators believe that the omission of a single hyphen in the guidance program led to a series of false course correction signals. The rocket was then detonated, preventing it from falling in a populated area. The cost f this mistake was somewhere between $80-$150 million!

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