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5 Countries Now Open For Tourists Worldwide

| Published on May 23, 2021

With the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic ruling over India, some other countries in the world have opened up for traveling and are welcoming tourists to enjoy their culture and destinations. These countries too have gone through their share of the global pandemic last year, but have thankfully not faced a second phase.

Wondering which of these destinations can welcome you with open arms? If you are fully vaccinated, you can surely book your tickets. Here’s a list below.


Thailand has been a popular choice for tourists from around the world. It will soon be reopening by July for those who are fully vaccinated.


5 Countries Now Open For Tourists Worldwide

If you wish to travel to Greece, you can carry your proof of vaccination and a negative RT-PCR test upon arrival. The country will welcome you with open arms as you enjoy its picturesque landscapes, ambient restaurants, and engaging adventure sports.


If you are already vaccinated, you don’t need to be tested again once you reach Iceland. Proof of vaccination is enough to get you started and enjoy the beautiful country.


The United Kingdom has divided its tourists based on color zones like red, green, and amber. This will show the Government that tourists require a 7-days quarantine upon arrival. Currently, India falls in the red zone. However, UK has opened tourism for the world since 17th May.


5 Countries Now Open For Tourists Worldwide

Malta has boosted vaccinations for its resident, being one of the few in Europe to rapidly increase the safety of its citizens. In April, the country announced that it was open for tourism and will be willing to pay people to come to spend the summer.

Source: Times of India

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