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5 Corporate Lessons We Can Learn From Our Fathers

| Published on November 8, 2019

Learnings never end, irrespective of age or stage of the life cycle. Right from the ABCs in childhood to treacherous relationships in adulthood, there’s a new lesson awaiting at every step. At the end of the day, you never know where life would take you, for good or for worse.

Our fathers have always stood behind us like a shadow, saving us from the harsh rays of life. But when the right time arrives, he takes a step back only to teach us lessons – lessons that later prove to be our only investments in life.

Here are 5 lessons that all of us got it from our fathers:

1) Balance is imperative

Our fathers were the professionals who worked day in and day out in an attempt to feed the family and give us a healthy lifestyle. But how many of you have seen your father complaining about the strenuous day? The work stress never disturbed things at-home and how gracefully they taught us – work is important, but so is family!

2) Don’t hesitate while making decisions

Children always look up to their fathers to determine the future course of action mainly because of the inherent trust. Our fathers have always been this strong character who was never afraid of making decisions. Think about it, being brave is important, more so when you have to make decisions at home.

3) Don’t shy away from apologizing

Remember how you used to call your parents and fight with them on silly topics, and how your dad was always the first to apologize. Why? Simply because the smile on your face is more important to them than winning this silly argument

4) Value everyone

It’s said the way a man treats a woman, defines a lot about his character. Our fathers always valued our mothers’ decisions and opinions in critical domestic matters. After all, respect is not taught, they are passed on via actions.

5) There’s nothing that hardwork can’t win

The sheer dedication and hardwork of our fathers certainly told us ‘Hard work conquers all’. He reminded us time and again to live in the present and work in silence. When the rewards narrate the stories of your hardwork and success – there’ nothing better than that!

Feeling nostalgic? Go hug your father and say him a thank you. Don’t forget to drop your learnings in the comment section below.

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