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5 Business Lessons To Learn While Playing Ludo

| Published on April 20, 2020

The lockdown has brought a lot of interesting things with it. People have started spending a lot of ‘quality time’ with their friends & family. From making food together to playing indoor board games, we have been doing a lot of things right. And if spending time with your family and making memories along the way ends up us contributing t save our country well then why not?

But with the growing interest in one specific game, we thought of talking about it with you in detail. As we all know, Ludo has become a real king in my houses and Whatsapp groups. But have you ever wondered what all can we incorporate from these board games in our lives?

We bring you the answer to that question with 5 things that you can learn from Ludo and use it in real life.

1. Starting Late Does Not Define You

It is not about who starts first. You might be the last to roll a 6 but if you play well, you can become the winner. The same applies to real life. It all comes down to patiently waiting for the right time to make your move.

Super Ludo - Traditional Board Game - YouTube

2. Do not underestimate your competitors

The ones you may feel are far behind in life may surprise you at the end of it. The one you deemed weak might turn out to be an underdog and win it all. So, never underestimate your competitors or overestimate yourself.

3. Have Patience

Always expect the unexpected. Either it is in the game or the real-life, never give up till you reach the end. You might think that you are loosing and just like that you might end up getting three rolls of 6 which might put you in the lead.

Vintage Ludo game with original board.VintageCuriosityShop | Board ...

4. Always Have A Strategy

Some play in a defensive mode while some play offensive and that is what you need to incorporate in real life. Either can be useful but remember always adapt as per your opponents. If they are playing on an offense then how far will you think you will reach by playing the good guy? Hence, strategize. You will be amazed to see you fruitful that might be.

5. Do Not Be Too Trusting

It is good to trust your opponents but do not overdo it. Remember there can only be one winner and everyone is here to win. Your opponent might let you off once but may not give you another chance. So do trust but don’t be naive.

If there is anything that you might have learned from the game then do let us know in the comments section below.

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