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5 Business Ideas With Low Investment To Start In A Small City

| Published on June 28, 2020

Starting your own business could be a challenge if you are not aware of where to begin. One needs to know the market well before deciding on the business plan and investment. To start a business in a small city can be even more difficult as the success of the business can be entirely dependent on its people.

For this, it is important to start with the minimum investment to reduce the risk. Today we bring you 5 such business ideas that you can start in small cities without incurring any huge investments.

Book Cafe

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People who love t read would agree that coffee and a good book go hand in hand. The concept of a Book Cafe has been a hit in many cities, both small and big ones. While both the businesses can make a good earning individually, the prospect of a combined business can fetch you more than the desired income if run properly. The youth today is more inclined towards such a concept nowadays.

Tuition Centre

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If you are looking to start a business in a small city then a tuition center will be the best choice. A graduate who has a good understanding of the subjects and a room to start the classes can earn substantially on a monthly basis. Some tuition teachers have been earning more than any corporate employee despite working only a couple of hours a month. But you need to be well versed with the subjects as the job comes with higher responsibility.

Food Truck

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Owning and running a food truck can be a huge hit in a small city. All you need is a good chef and a working truck with a license to run the business. In many cities, these food trucks have been earning more than a fine dining restaurant. You don’t need much investment just make sure that your food speaks for itself.

Fitness Centers

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Fitness centers can comprise of various exercises. From Yoga to Zumba to the regular weight lifting and cardio exercises, fitness centers have been providing a range of services. In a small city, it is easier to start this business as it does not require a huge investment. If you have a room that can accommodate 5-10 people at a time, all you need is an instructor/trainer who can teach them the exercises. This would work great for a Yoga or a Zumba class as the only infrastructure required initially are mattresses to exercise on.


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A home run bakery is something that many people have started in their home-towns. This business has many positives. It requires minimum investment and helps you earn from something you enjoy doing. Baking has been a passion for many and while not everyone is able to make a living out of it, some do take the step forward and make their dreams come true. You can easily start this business from home and bake products from cakes to cookies and biscuits on order basis.

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