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5 Business Ideas To Make Most Money This Diwali

| Published on October 22, 2019

1. Items For Worship (Puja Samagri)

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During the festival, every person celebrating Diwali has to buy certain things which are very much required for the puja. Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesh’s Idols, Diyas, decorative candles, & Rangoli colors are some of the important things that are high in demand during this time.

Manufacturers & retailers are likely to earn around 20-25% profit by selling these items. All these products can be sold with an investment of Rs 5000 onwards.

2. Decorative Lights

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Chinese lights are among the most to be sold during this time. Decorative light’s business can be commenced with an initial investment of Rs 10,000.

Wholesale Market places like Sadar Bazar in Delhi sell huge number of Chinese as well as Indian Manufactured Lightings during Diwali. Retailers are likely to get a mark up of around 25-30% on the sale.

3. Green Firecrackers

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Central Government has recently announced that Green Firecrackers will be available in the market this Diwali. These firecrackers are said to have 30 percent fewer emissions than the regular firecrackers.

With people becoming more and more aware of the adverse effects of firecrackers and switching to more eco-friendly means, investing in this business can be very much fruitful.

4. Bakery / Sweet Shop

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During Diwali, the most sold products are sweets, chocolates and gift boxes of assorted sweets and drinks. from being gifted to family members even the corporates buy them in bulk to distribute around the offices.

Companies like Bikanerwala, Haldirams, Pepsi, Coca-cola, Cadbury, etc., launch a variety of gift boxes specially for the festival.

5. Decorative Dry-Fruits Boxes


Buy decorative boxes from wholesale markets and fill them up with dry fruits. You have yourself a business plan. These dry-fruit boxes are among the highest sold products during Diwali and therefore the most convenient business investment.

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