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5 Brands Which Are Using ‘If You Don’t Love Me’ Memes For Creative Advertising

| Published on April 12, 2018

Following social media trends for digital marketing has become a necessity for marketers. It makes the fans to connect with the brand in a better way and also helps to get engagements on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Memes are a creative way of marketing and are being used by most of the major brands in India.


Memes help brands to spread their message in a productive and interactive way. The latest meme trend that is going viral on the internet is the If you don’t love me at my format which is getting a lot of shares as most of the memes in this format are very relatable.
Brands saw the opportunity for engaging audience and encouraging users for buying their products with the help of this trend. Have a look at some popular brands which are using this meme for social media marketing:

1. Pepsi

Being one of the most selling cold drinks in India, Pepsi knows how to relate their marketing to the youth of the country. Samosa is among the favourite snack food for Indians Pepsi made an interesting combo of this meme format and samosa in their social media post.

2. Netflix

Video streaming platforms are gaining popularity in India due to many factors. The lifestyle of Indias have changed immensely and people are looking for new sources of entertainment. Knowing this, Netflix also came with an interactive social media post using the trending format.

3. Lay’s

Another Pepsico brand which is making the maximum of this trend is Lay’s. Lay’s has lovers all over India and engaging fans with If you don’t love me at my meme seems to be a good idea and is working well.

4. Mumbai police

Not a corporate brand but we felt Mumbai police’s social media account handler also needs recognition for coming up with trendy marketing strategy and giving the road safety lesson in a simple yet effective way.

5. Cisco

Cisco was a surprise for us in this list. Cisco is famous for making networking devices but this meme proves that the company can do good in digital marketing too.

Hats off to the creativity and timing of these brands and we will add more names who are using such engaging campaigns.

Which is your favourite among the above memes? Do let us know in comments.

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