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5 Brands That Used Social Media To Spread Awareness On World AIDS Day 2017

| Published on December 2, 2017

World Aids Day is observed on December 1 every year to make people aware of HIV/AIDS. Social media is one of the best sources to spread awareness about topics that are not commonly discussed in India. On the occasion of World’s AIDS Day 2017, brands tried to spread awareness about AIDS and educated by sharing the methods of its prevention. Below are the 5 brands that did a nice World AIDS Day campaign on social media this year.

1. Durex

Durex has always been popular for its ad campaigns and this AIDS day it came up with a meaningful message that ‘prevention is best when there is no cure’ and encouraged users to live a healthy life.

2. PharmEasy

PharmEasy was among the brands that tried guiding social media users by giving the methods to control AIDS.

3. Wrogn

Virat Kohli is a national icon in India and his followers give proper attention when he has a message for them. This Wrogn campaign tried spreading awareness and suggested everyone take the topic of AIDS seriously.

4. Manforce Condoms

Another condom brand that tried educating users on social media to use protection. A hashtag named #CondomOverAIDS whih they used in many illustrations having the message to use condoms to avoid AIDS.

5. UNICEF India

UNICEF India was also very active on social media for creating awareness and to eliminate the myths about AIDS in our country.

Such activities by popular brands on social media can really make a change in the mindset of Indians.

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