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5 Brands That Use Humor In The Best Way On Social Media

| Published on November 19, 2020

Humor is an excellent way to engage with modern-day customers. In a world where we all are looking for some hope, humor serves as a perfect tool for brands to connect with online audiences.
There are several brands today that have great appearance and services. Since brands thrive on social media today, no recognition is possible without it. Hence, a powerful social media strategy is definitely required. These 5 brands not only have a great social media presence but win hearts with their humor! Check them out.


Durex is known for its sexual innuendo, promoting its condoms and menstrual hygiene products. Every copy written by their team is definitely sought for, as they are one of the best social media teams in the country. The puns definitely make us chuckle, and we appreciate the wit behind the same. If not them, then who? As PUBG is doing the rounds of coming back to India, this is their creative thought process, promoting the game as well as themselves!


The Netflix team is definitely praiseworthy, not just for the content they churn out with different shows and movies, but the way they bring our the ‘desi’ in us that makes us relate to them, the characters as well as the actors who go that extra mile in creating something great for us. They released this piece today, driving in actor Pankaj Tripathi as he speaks the idioms he used in his movie, Ludo, and portrays a gangster that was definitely rough and tough, but gave us all sorts of feelings!

Indigo 6e

Indigo is one of the most trusted airlines in India. Their stellar service and affordable rates make us choose them over and over again. Thankfully, their social media team also does a great job in catering to the Indian mass, besides during flights from one city or country to another! On Bhai Dooj, they celebrated the connection siblings have with each other by portraying their own connections, from cities to countries like no other!


Zomato’s social media team is another one that needs to be applauded for its wit and humor. The copywriters have some of the most brilliant minds in coming up with taglines and crisp content, which is absolutely to the point. They recently created this post on ‘gol-gappe’, one of our favourite street foods. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are avoiding eating outside food. Hence, their creative copy and caption hit right in the feels!


A one-of-a-kind dating app that brings most of the hotshot individuals in their 20s and 30s together – Tinder is quite popular for its student programs, sponsoring events and of course connecting hearts and what not! They had to improve their social media game! They choose relatable thoughts and feelings for their posts which drives the youth of today.

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