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5 Brands That Use ‘Customer Feedback’ In The Best Way

| Published on December 12, 2019

Brands spend a lot of money to make their product/service impactful in the market. To attract more and more customers & to have a stronghold among its competitors.

But how to know if their branding or their services are getting the desired results. Also to how to know what will make them last longer in the market?

For that, these brands use the feedback platform wherein they get a reality check of where they might be lagging behind. For the companies that take these feedback seriously can improve there branding considerably.

Here is how these 5 brands take feedback from there customers.

1. Uber

Uber, as well as other online cab apps, have a feature where the customers get to rate the ride and vice versa. These ratings may seem little to us but for the cab drivers, they mean a great deal. If users keep rating them poorly, they get in trouble with the car-sharing service.

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Once Uber notices a certain driver has been getting too many downvotes from users, it penalizes the driver.

2. Hyatt

This world-renowned hotel property is known for its top-notch hospitality services. And the reason their brand is on the top since all this time is because of the feedbacks they take from their customers.

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Hyatt has built up an entire system around customer feedback.

From having a proper online feedback form on the feedback to social media access, Hyatt has been doing it all.

3. Dell

There was once a time when Dell had no time for customer feedback. They did suffer a huge deal in their branding image because of it. But they quickly learned from their mistakes and now there customer feedback system is the best.

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The computer giant began to take feedback so seriously that they built a separate website (IdeaStorm) just for Dell users to leave reviews and complaints. And reviews that get the most comments and votes from other Dell users on the forum become prioritized and taken more seriously by the company.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks launched My Starbucks Idea back in 2008 — when the company decided they needed to really start listening to customers. In that year alone, they got over 70,000 responses from customers and over 190,000 by 2015.

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The company’s ability to successfully use technology to engage with customers has added value to the company. It has created a robust and loyal consumer following, giving customers a place to voice ideas and the company a place to directly respond.

5. Apple

One of their most visible customer feedback channels is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system.

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The NPS helps you ask customers the simple “How likely are you to recommend this business to a friend or colleague?” question. On the scale of one to ten, users who rate you anywhere from zero to six are not so likely to recommend you; they’re called detractors. Those who rate you between seven to ten are more likely to recommend your business — these users are known as promoters.

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