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5 Branded Food That Have Different Names Around The World

| Published on December 1, 2020

Growing up, we all had a knack for packaged food. These were readily available, affordable, and really yummy for our developing tastebuds at a time when we would probably prefer them over home-cooked meals. Some of us still do! While we know and appreciate them for what they are, their names might be different in other countries. Just as the popular ‘gol-gappes’ are called by different names in different states of India, we bring to you some of our favorite packaged food that is known by various names across the world.

Kellogg’s ‘Frosted Flakes’

While in the US, the popular Kellogg’s cereal goes by the name of ‘Frosted Flakes’, in Japan they are simply called Kellogg’s Frosties. Why complicate it, right? We’re digging the Frosties.


food Dove and Red Bull adapting their products - Swedbrand Group

Galaxy bars are truly a piece of the universe in our mouths. In India, Ireland, the UK, and even the Middle East, this is called Galaxy whereas, in the US, they are known as ‘Dove’ bars. We totally don’t resonate!


6 Snacks That Are Called By Different Names In Other Countries |  ThatViralFeed

The snack of the hour – a packet of Lays in different flavors. But did you know they’re not called Lays in every country? In the UK, they are known as ‘Walkers’ instead. Egypt knows this packet as ‘Chipsy’, it’s called ‘Tapuchips’ in Ireland and ‘Sabritas’ in Mexico. Lays is known for preserving its region-specific flavors and hence the region-specific names also don’t seem too bad!

Kellogg’s ‘Rice Crispies’

You might know of Kellogg’s Rice Crispies in the US, but you’ll have a hard time finding these elsewhere. In Australia, these are known as ‘Rice Bubbles’.

Diet Coke

coca cola light diet coke food

If you want a lighter, less sweet version of Coke in a can, you might want to opt for a Diet Coke. While this is the generic name we know of, in Europe this is called ‘Coca-Cola Light’. To the point, it seems!

Source: Insider

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