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5 Best Selling Car Manufacturers In India August 2022

| Published on October 14, 2022

With the festive season approaching, the automobile industry has witnessed a very favourable couple of months it seems. People have been buying more and more cars this year all thanks to the festivities.

Taking in the opportunity, the automobile manufactures have also ensured that the supply chain is smooth and easy for the consumers.

The rage has been all about EVs recently with people trying to make more responsible and long term choices. However, the PVs witnessed a hike in sale as compared to the previous year and reported some of the highest YOY change.

As per Financial Express, here are the top 5 best selling PVs as of August 2022.

1. Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki sold 1,34,166 units in the domestic market in the month of August 2022 which is the highest this year. Whereas last year in the same month it sold 1,03,187 units marking a 30% year-on-year growth.

2. Hyundai

On the second spot, this year is Hyundai with 49,510 units sold in August 2022. In August 2021, the automobile giant sold 46,866 units which marks a 5.6% YOY change.

3. Tata Motors

Tata Motors had one of the highest YOY changes this year. While in August 2021, the company sold 28,018 units of cars, in 2022 the same month, Tata Motors sold only 47,166 units which brings up the YOY change by 68.3%.

4. Mahindra

Though Mahindra stands at the fourth spot in terms of units sold this year, it has recorded one of the highest YOY changes. Mahindra sold 15,973 units of vehicles in August 2021, while in August 2022 it sold 29,852 units marking a YOY change of 86.8%.

5. Kia

In August 2021, Kia sold 16,750 units whereas last month in August 2022, it sold 22,322 units, having a YOY of 33.2%.

Source: Financial Express

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