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5 Best Print Ads Of All Times

| Published on September 15, 2020

Witty advertisements are appreciated by everyone, especially if they are borderline humorous. Creative copywriters and graphic designers ensure that the most successful campaigns run in the history of advertisements have a story to tell. Something minimal, and easy to digest that in turn depict a greater meaning. The world is always open to intelligent people. Check out these advertisements that were created by intelligent people themselves, and how they have vowed the audience, till date.


You might love their cheeseburgers, or hate them all in all but they do come up with some of the best marketing campaigns ever seen. This creative print advertisement was done for moving day, on 1st July in Canada. Their popular food items including the burger and french fries have been illustrated as boxes.

McDonald's - "Happy Moving Day - Big MAc"


Celebrate Diwali all you want, but take care of your pets and their fears. In this very straightforward ad, the agency Yellow shows images of several animals with headphones on and a rather worried emotion that depicts how animals respond to loud noises and crackers. It is scary for them, and they hide in fear until it is all over. The letter U remains missing in the copy, as it is given the shape of the headphones and masks worn by the pets.

Digital Advert By Yellow: Happy Diwali | Ads of the World™


You have opinions about something and live in the UK? Don’t be too Marmitey! As the brand dwells on having created a little niche for themselves, this ad perfectly describes how polarising opinions get you over various things.

Marmite Print Advert By Oliver: Breakfast | Ads of the World™


When RBH was on the lookout for a copywriter, they posted a vacancy through the most silent and illustrative way possible. Check out this simple but unique ad that might give you a few ideas for your next hiring spree!

Print Advert By RBH: Copywriter Needed | Ads of the World™


We all know how KFC is finger-lickin good! Although this ad might seem unsettling at first, you cannot deny the fact that there is a genius behind this creative direction! Lick your fingers and give a taste of that friend chicken to your phone as well!

Finger Licking' Good and KFC go hand in... - Mad over Marketing (M.O.M) |  Facebook

Source: Creative Bloq

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