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5 Apple iPhone Features That Were Copied Later By Android Brands

| Published on August 13, 2020

The battle between the Apple vs Android phones carries on a regular basis. Both smartphones have the latest technology and new variants keep on launching almost every 2 months. However, did you know that there are a number of Android features available today that were initially copied from the Apple iPhone?

Face ID

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Face ID or Facial recognition is very popular in most phones too. This was first initiated by the Apple iPhone, that made it easier for users to unlock the phone by just showing their face to the screen.


IPhones always had an interesting way of sharing heavy files on other devices including the MacBook. Slowly, Google introduced a similar app called ‘Nearby Share’ that made it easier for Android users to do the same.

Fingerprint Sensor

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The iPhone launched in 2007 was the first ever to have a fingerprint sensor. How many Android phones do you know of today that don’t have this technology? Probably, not even one.

Glass Screens

Android phones were earlier equipped with plastic screens. That made their quality low and couldn’t be compared to the iPhones. By seeing iPhones take on this with a beautiful glass screen that made it look premium, slowly even Android phones came out with Gorilla Glass technology, AMOLED screens and more.

Touch Screen Interface

The first iPhone launched in 2007 was the first-ever in the world that had a total touch interface. It was so popular back in the day that everyone wanted it! Gradually, even the Android phones switched over to phones with a complete touch interface and other exciting features.

Source: MensXP

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