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4 Most Expensive Face Masks To Stay Safe In Style During Coronavirus Pandemic

| Published on May 20, 2020

You might think buying face masks is just your regular visit to the drugstore or maybe ordering a few for the family online, but believe it or not, the coronavirus pandemic has definitely left the fashion industry with a lot of fun ideas. Now if you were to buy something better than the surgical masks available everywhere, where would you go? Some of the finest apparel brands have designed them in house masks that help you stay in style and will also burn a hole in your pocket.

BAPE: INR 15015

The most expensive mask of the lot has to be this one by BAPE. Indians, what are you waiting for?

Off White: INR 9905

Off White has this beautiful creation available for you which can be half of your salary! Looking for something stylish? Shop at the store today.

Supreme: INR 5959

Everyone loves this brand and Indians would be amazed to know how cool these new face masks by Supreme are!

NIKE: INR 6966

If you’re a true Nike fan, you have to get your hands on this uber-cool face mask!

Source: GQ India

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