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4 Money Making Golden Rules To Learn From Shah Rukh Khan

| Published on January 30, 2019

The aura of Mannat, and the fame of Shahrukh Khan are both majestic. But, what’s with that? – Money! And more money! But King Khan like a major lot of people doesn’t blindly spend; he is a hardcore businessman at heart and follows his legit 4-point rule to make sure he earns more every day.

Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket

Along with a star-actor, he is a great businessman and believes that it is very important to diversify and explore the genres you think you can justify.

He has his own film production Red Chillies Entertainment and a post-production unit for visual effects, VFX and an IPL franchise of the Kolkata Knight Riders.

Never Borrow

Shahrukh Khan never seeks funding for his own movies. Even at times of dearth, he rather invests money from his own pocket than asking people for investments.

He says, he doesn’t want to risk anyone else’s gain for his own selfish motive. And also suggests that borrowing should be your last option even if it risks fewer profits. Now we know why he doesn’t like investing in share markets!

Follow your Passion

Passion – if you have this there’s nothing in the world that cannot be achieved. And Shahrukh Khan is certainly a living example of the famous saying ‘Follow your Passion and business will follow you.’

He wants to build a Film Studio. And we all know film Studios don’t give immediate returns and demands huge investments. But well as we said, Passion is Passion.

Keep Moving

The business of Films might be attached to all the glitz and glamour but comes with his own set of disadvantages too. You will never know what will work and what will hit blockbusters.

The audience opinion keeps changing every day, there’s no particular mantra of success. So Shahrukh says, keep doing what you do and keep moving ahead one step after another despite the all the failures on your path!

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