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4 Marketing Lessons To Learn From Hollywood

| Published on January 3, 2020

Hollywood’s marketing strategies are different and very creative. It not only just brainstorms ideas for what they are selling but also explores and tries to understand the audience.

Here are 5 things that Hollywood always applies at the time of branding and marketing their product/movie.


Storytelling is an art and whoever gets it right is benefited! Hollywood seems to have become really good at it. Every time they promote a movie, they do not just give hints, they develop a unique storyline for their customers to make them curious!

One of the best examples is the promotion of The Dark Night. They literally got Joker HA-HA cards made and mysteriously delivered at the comic book stores. Not just that, they also got fake The Gotham Times newspaper printed and distributed in the city.

2. Interaction

Interacting with clients is a very effective way to engage them. Hollywood does it automatically. For example, during the marketing of The Hunger Games, they created a virtual Hunger Games where anyone can join a district and be in a competition with another district, just as it is in the movie. Smart!
hollywood marketing

3. SME’s

Interviews and walking on the red carpet is old-fashioned now but proverbial marketing is the real deal! We can take Ryan Reynolds as an example. He promoted Deadpool in full character from giving away chimichangas at the super bowl to creating a Tinder profile.
hollywood marketing

4. Knowing The Audience

It’s great to know your customers and buyers but it’s also important for the marketing strategies to be repetitive for a while to finally make an imprint on the clients’ minds.

For example, when the movie The Fault In Our Stars came out, they started posting younger demographics on social media handles such as Tumblr & Instagram. Not just that, some faint-worthy star images and GIFs were also observed.
hollywood marketing

Tell us one marketing strategy that you think would rock the world!

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