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5 Most Popular Brands Pairings Which Cant Be Separated

| Published on June 11, 2020

How many brands do you come across on a regular basis that you just cannot separate? Look around what you eat, wear and do. Think of any 2 brands that are inseparable? Let us refresh your memory and help you with finding them out.

Lays and Pepsi

A bucket full of chips and a large glass of chilled Coke is what makes our evening TV time memorable. How often do you have these two things together? Now that we have your attention, let us also tell you that this is an unbeatable combination followed by most Indian households and makes important movies, sporting events and even your regular Netflix and chill interesting!

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Tata Tea and Parle G

How can you think of starting your morning without a cup of chai? Indians love Parle G, and every household has packets of this popular biscuit brand. Also, the Tata group’s variants of tea have been resonating with the very idea of being India. Nothing can get better than this!

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Nescafe Coffee and Amul Milk

So much for tea lovers, Indian coffee has an unbeatable aroma and flavour. Nescafe has been one of India’s popular coffee brands with different types of coffee available for the mass public. Additionally, if you like a little milk in your coffee, you know which brand of Milk to trust!

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Kissan Jam and Modern Bread

Modern is a local company that sells bread in different states in India. It has various loaf sizes, textures and flavours available at an affordable cost. No matter how old you grow, bread remains to be an absolute must for your breakfast. Add a dollop of Kissan’s host of jam variants available including Mixed Fruit Jam, Strawberry Jam and Pineapple!

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Kelloggs Cornflakes and Dabur Honey

The most healthy breakfast option for most households is a bowl of cornflakes. Kelloggs has been the most trusted brand in India with different flavours of its cornflakes. Add a spoon of Dabur honey for flavour and good health. Do you know that no other honey brand even comes close to its richness and taste?

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Which other brand pairings can you come up with?

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