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3 Private Companies In Sector 58 Have Offered Space To Muslim Employees For Namaz

| Published on December 31, 2018

On Monday, Noida police issued a statement to all companies with offices in Sector 58 asking them to make sure that their Muslim employees do not offer Namaz in the park adjacent park. If an employee was found doing so, the company would also be held liable.

This was a direct aim at the Muslim community working in that sector as offering Namaz is a religious ritual. And parks are a place open to all. Praying in a park is no offense. That too in a park where more than 100 people gather every Friday to offer Namaz for the last 5 years.

Private Firms to the rescue

But as the rights of so many employees were being threatened, 3 private firms came to their rescue by opening up their doors. These three firms opened up their doors to let the employees go and perform their religious act on the rooftop of the building.


The owner of one of the firms later said that he has been offering the rooftop to his employees on every Friday for the past 12 years so that the Muslim Employees could offer their prayers without any hassle. He also arranged for an Imam for the employees. He also arranged for a priest for the Hindu employees. It is so refreshing to see such leadership in the private business sector. This has made sure of a smooth flow of work where all the employees are happy and have mutual respect for other employees and their religion.

What the activists has to say..

Kadir Khan, an activist from Dankur, commented on the controversy saying that Muslims should stop offering prayers at the park, they should do it in their homes or in Masjids. It is commendable that the owners took this gesture for their employees. It speaks in volumes about the ethos of the country.

Living in 2018, it seems very inappropriate to ban people to pursue their religion in specific places and the step taken by these business owners is truly an indication of how business owners should be. Running a business is important, but the happiness and the rights of the employees or society is of greater importance.

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