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3 Hacks To Get More Reach & Engagement On LinkedIn

| Published on January 8, 2020

Are you writing great content but still have very low engagement and don’t understand why?

Do you want to step up your game and grow your outreach?

Here are 3 growth hacks which will help you hack your engagement.

PS : If you lazy read posts ( I am 😛 ), you can watch the video instead: Click here. In fact I got Nidhi Chauhan to help me compose this 😉

1. Comments over Likes

LinkedIn decides the quality of your post based on the number of interactions: likes, comments, clicks etc you have on your post. If a post has good content, it naturally follows that people would engage with it.

In an experiment by me, I found that my post with higher comments had more reach compared to the one that garnered likes.

Well, what I found out what, 1 comment is equivalent of 3 likes.

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Crazy, isn’t it?

Watch the video here.

So make sure that your post encourages people to comment which will skyrocket your engagement.

2. Write longer posts

Yes, you heard it right. But there is a catch.

You feel, no one has the time read? Yes, I feel you. But here’s the hack. Break your post into smaller bits, using the first two lines to generate curiosity. When the viewers click on ‘see more’, LinkedIn registers it as engagement and sees your post as one with quality content. Result? A much greater reach.

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3. Don’t put your link directly on your post

Yes, you read it right. Rather put it in the first comment. Or you could also copy the link to the comment and paste it in your post.

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Why does it help with increasing outreach? When you paste the link in your post, LinkedIn sees it as an external engagement and hence decreases the outreach. When you paste the link in the comment, the outreach is unaffected and when the link of comment is pasted, it gets converted with a LinkedIn short link so it isn’t seen as external content.

Smart, right?

Well, these were a few quick hacks that would use which would surely increase your reach on LinkedIn posts 🙂

And yes, do drop a LIKE and COMMENT ( you know why 😉 )

Written by: Vaibhav Sisinty, Head of Marketing, Klook India

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