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22 Year Old Student Starts His Own LED Bulb Company; Gives Employment To Many

| Published on January 9, 2021

The onset of the pandemic has caused severe damages globally not just on the medical front but also on the economic front. Many people have been left jobless with numerous companies going out of business or having trouble with keeping their business afloat.

While many were left helpless with the economic crisis, there were some who stood up to help themselves.

A 22-year-old Tripura college student turned into an entrepreneur amid the pandemic crisis. Rohit Bhattacharjee, a second-year student of English Honours from Algapur village, has set up an LED bulb manufacturing factory. To fund this venture, Rohit even sold his bike and his factory is now a source of employment for some.

As shared by Rohit in his many interviews, he explained that he got the idea of making the bulb when he faced a problem with a dysfunctional LED bulb at his home in the month of March’20. Since the country was under lockdown, Rohit faced a lot of problems finding a replacement for the bulb. And when he failed to find it, Rohit decided to fix the bulb himself with the help of Youtube.

He was successful to fix the bulb however he developed a keen interest in how the LED bulbs are manufactured. He kept on searching for more videos on the topic and soon decided to open up his own manufacturing unit.

He bought a punching machine, cap fitting machine along with some raw materials to establish the manufacturing unit, RB Illuminations. He used a small room at Dharmanagar which is his parents’ ancestral asset. The initial investment amounted to Rs 5 Lakhs. With all the efforts put together, Rohit’s factory is running successfully.

He has also obtained a trade license and other necessary clearances from the government on safety and regulations and has employed eight people including seven skilled laborers, electricians, and one manager. In an interview with Indian Express, Rohit shared that his company has grown from manufacturing 50 bulbs a day, to making 500 to 800 bulbs per day.

Talking about his expansion plans, Rohit said, “I’m looking for more partners and dealers to expand, as the demand for these bulbs has increased in other districts as well. People prefer locally-made bulbs over expensive brands.”

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