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20 Year Old’s Creative Resume On Instagram Gets Her Job At Deloitte India

| Published on June 23, 2019

Social media these days works as a superhero blessed with multiple superpowers designed to rescue people from their problems so when recently a girl was on a hunt for her first job Instagram came for her rescue. 

While most of us use LinkedIn or other online job portals, a 20 year old girl Ankita Chawla made the most of her Instagram account and designed her resume and posted it on the platform getting her all the opportunities and attractions from the companies.  You can check her account here.


On asked about she made a resume on Instagram she share how her friends had got their first jobs while she was still on the hunt which got her thinking to do something different and get the attention of the employers and show her skillset and so she put in 5 hours to the execution idea and 60 hours to design a resume for Instagram. 

Well, it obviously did not take her much to finally land her first job as a visual content creator at Deloitte India. 

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On being asked if she was scared that people would not be impressed by her resume she said, “I was a little skeptical at first because it wasn’t a traditional format that an employer is used to see. I knew my resume was a misfit amongst the other resumes that were going out and I knew that brought with itself a chance for failure and criticism but I eventually embraced it.”

Her Instagram bio now flaunts “Now hired!”

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