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20 Unfortunate Firangi Brand Names That Are Downright Hilarious

| Published on May 30, 2020

If you think people can’t get enough of double meaning sentences, here are 20 ‘firangi’ brands that have just nailed it with their iconic branding and definitely brought out our juvenile ‘desi’ out in the open. How many of these do you find hilarious?

What Are You Doing In The Lockdown? ‘Kuchh Nai’

Kuch kare? Karte hain, Karte hain

I need to go the loo. Number 1 or 2?

When Your Friends Insist To Have A Little More

Not Many Will Be Impressed With This Perfume

Where Does A Punjabi In Paris Go?

Definitely Don’t Want This Either

Sure You Wanna Use This For Your Car? Maybe Not.

Saala Hai Toh

Kamina Bhi Yahi Hai

God Of All Drinks

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Probably Not Eat This?

No One Wants To Smell Like This

To Make Those ‘Bin Bulaye Mehmaan’ Leave

Sone Do

Bang On Squad Name, eh?

The Name Says It All

Lena Hai?

Source: ScoopWhoop

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