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2 minutes read

2-Year-Old Social Media Influencer Got Rs. 9 Lakhs Worth Of Gifts From Fans

| Published on January 5, 2020

A 2-year-old baby, Parker George, is a social media influencer and has over 16,000 followers on Instagram. With the help of Instagram, Parker’s family has so far received gifts worth 9 lakh 41 thousand rupees from his fans all over the world.

Parker’s Instagram account is run by Parker’s mother Natasha Maxwell, who lives in Sheffield. Natasha has said that she started this account to save Parker’s photo and share it with family members, but soon Parker’s followers on this account started growing.

She also shared that they have received these gifts in exchange for promoting various items on Parker’s Instagram account. She added that this account has opened many opportunities for her and her family. It also shows how parents can make good and positive use of social media.

Natasha is now giving a lot of time to this account. All the contents on the feed are family. Natasha has told DailyMail that her average screen time on Instagram is 9 hours, so it is like a job for her.

This page was started by Natasha in December 2018, when Parker was just 8 months old. Now many brands are also contacting Natasha, and have expressed to take help from Parker’s page for their brand’s publicity. The past year has been really fruitful and Natasha hopes that the opportunity will only just grow in the coming years.

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