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19 Year Old Billionaire’s Son Pays His Own Bills By Working At Subway

| Published on January 30, 2020

What would you do if your father had billions of dollars floating in his bank account with charm and ease and you could just spend it, literally, anywhere you want? Most of you would be imagining vacations, mansions, expensive cars and what not!

Well, here’s Alexander Fridman, son of 11th wealthiest man in Russia, who lives in $500/m 2BHK and takes Subway to go to work. Questions?
Alexander Fridman

The Billionaire’s 19-Year-Old Pays His Own Bills!

Currently, Fridman is renting an apartment that has 2 rooms and pays $500 a month for the same. The flat is situated on the outskirts of Moscow. To reach his work, he hesitantly takes a subway every day in the morning. Imagine a son who is ready to have a basic lifestyle until the time he becomes something on his own whereas his father Mikhail Fridman has earned himself a $13.7 billion fortune.

Fridman recently completed his high school (nearby London) and has come back to Moscow. He initiated SF Development (Revenue=$405,000) around 5 months back along with 5 employees. He is also working on another project that includes Hookah items to be delivered to restaurants in Moscow.

Along with that, he is also taking charge to handle BloggerPass which is an online marketing agency to be beginning in the next month. “I eat, live, sleep, dress in everything that I earned myself”, quoted Fridman.
Alexander Fridman

The Mindset of Fridman

He believes that his father being a billionaire does not imply or affect any of his own professional outcomes. He still thinks that if he has to sell products, they got to hold quality and not the tag of his father’s name on them.

Alexandar has also mentioned the fact that he has always known that his father will put the entire money in charity and he had to get himself up on his own. He did not grow up with the mindset of inheriting money from his father.

With that, he is putting all his efforts into his business ideas and ventures without any help from his father. He even broke up his plans to pursue further studies and decided to give 100% attention and dedication to his companies he began.
In true words, the self-made ones are the actual and the REAL ones!
Source: LiveMint

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