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15 Year Old Karnataka Boy Builds An Electric Bike From Scrap For Just Rs 25000

| Published on February 15, 2021

The year of the pandemic might have ended but it has surely left a lasting impact on all our lives. While the world is still coping up with the global hit of COVID19, the aftershocks seem to not end any time soon. However, the vaccine has been introduced to fight the virus but the increase in the number of cases each day forces us to remember the days when the world went into a lockdown and completely shut down.

With the lockdown lifted almost everywhere, people have started resuming their lives but with a few precautions of course. From offices to schools & colleges almost all organizations are opening up gradually.

While many children spent almost a year at home and might have had a relaxed time with their families enjoying video games, etc., there was one 15-year-old boy who used this time off in the best way possible.

A class 10 student Prathamesha Sutara, from Nippani taluk of Belgaum district in Karnataka, created an electric bike all by himself during the pandemic. The vehicle can cover a distance of 40 kilometers once after charging the battery.

Prathamesha’s father Prakash Sutara is an electrician by profession and has been very happy and supportive of his son’s innovative project. His family lent all possible support to him they could offer.

Prathamesha started collecting all sorts of scrap material that he could use to build the bike. Since his father is an electrician, he found most of the necessary materials from his father’s garage. Later, he bought Lid Acid 48 voltage battery, 48 voltage motor, and 750-watt motor and build an electric rechargeable motor.

Prathamesha spent Rs 25,000 to make the bike which is quite economical compared to those electric vehicles available in the market.

As reported by News18, Sutara said that what inspired him to make a bike that runs on electricity and is also economic is the constant rise in fuel prices.

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