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15 Most Innovative Barcode Designs

| Published on April 25, 2023

Nowadays nothing is purchased without a barcode. Yes?
But, We no longer even notice them since they are now so regular and prevalent.

From now on, pay closer attention to them since you might be able to come up with something very original.

Norman Joseph Woodland, an American inventor who secured a patent for the universal black and white stripes found on pretty much everything way back in 1952, the modest barcode has gone a long way.

To see what we mean, have a look at this great selection of innovative barcodes. These inventive designs, which range from fish bones and tree roots to bird cages and accordions, demonstrate how strong packaging can transform a standard barcode into something remarkable.

1. Barcode As A Bird Cage

2. Barcode Jungle on Popsicle Ice Cream

3. Barcode on A Tin Can

4. Barcode on Chicken Free Strips

5. Barcode on Japanese Yogurt Packaging

6. Barcode on Water Bottle

7. Chili Pepper Barcode For Food Packaging

8. Spaghetti Packaging Barcode

9. Barcode on Energy Drink

10. Fisherman Barcode for Fresh Fish Packaging

11. Gaiety Tea Barcode

12. Knife Packaging Barcode

13. Little Island Book Cover Barcode

14. Roots of Tree Barcode For Organic Products

15. Surfer Barcode

Have you ever noticed these amazing and cool barcode before?

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