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These 15 Creative Billboards By Car Brands Reflect The True Meaning Of ‘Smart Marketing’

| Published on June 29, 2017

These 15 Creative Billboards By Car Brands Reflect The True Meaning Of ‘Smart Marketing’

Billboard advertising, over the years, has been one of the oldest methods of advertising. With the onset of new methods of advertising in recent times like in media and social platforms, billboards still gap to be one of the most unique ways to catch an audience. While you are on your way to work or in traffic, if you see an innovative picture representation of a brand, it compels you to stare at it for few seconds. Brands do a lot of work to make these billboards attractive and for a better marketing of their product.

In places like television or radio, audience are exposed to a certain ad just for a few seconds though the target is a huge one in a blow. But in case of billboards, though the audience target is less for a certain period of time still the impact remains longer.

Billboard advertising is not dead yet; as brands still come up with clever picture representations of their products and still have the power to attract the audience well!

After searching for a whole lot of innovative billboards across the globe, we have come up with a few amazing ones that would blow off your mind. So are you ready for the journey?

1. Audi And BMW – Check Mate

How about a clash between two top German Brands of Car Manufacturers in a billboard? If you have seen this perfectly innovative billboard earlier, then you are already aware about this! Fighting on a chess board or as they say Check Mate! It started by a blow from BMW which got a kickass reply from Audi! Have a look!

First See What BMW Did

First See What BMW Did

That’s How Audi Replied Back

That's How Audi Replied Back

2. Ford Mustang – Smoking Billboards

Have you ever heard about a billboard with a smoking machine? No! Well, then this one will blow your mind. Appearing at the Woodward Dream Cruise, every 3 minutes the rear tire would spin, generating a smoke from the car keeping the viewers amused!

Burnout After Every Minute

Burnout After Every Minute

3. Smart – Jump Over The Bridge Billboard

Smart is known for creating innovative and clever billboards over the years. In this one, the car is seen to jump between a Lift – Bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Jumping Car

The Jumping Car

4. Smart – Small Yet Classy

How to advertise about a small car? Well, you must learn this smart way from Smart itself! Launching a small car in market led Smart create a nano billboard for all the viewers.

Small And Smart

Small And Smart

5. Hot Wheels – Looped

Hot Wheels isn’t directly a car brand. But the clever and innovative representation of it couldn’t stop me from including this on my list. Kudos to Hotwheels for creating a loop amidst a highway and making audience stop and stare.

To Be Young Again

Hot Wheels - Looped

6. Mini – Electronic Billboard

Have you ever heard of personalized billboards ads? Cool! Isn’t it? Mini exactly started this campaign #MiniNotNormal to showcase their unique mindset. Here the drivers could actually share images and messages connecting the billboard to their iPads.

Eye Catchy

Mini - Electronic Billboard

7. Ford Mustang – Fast

GE Lexan EXL created this ad for Ford. Ford is known for its speed and ferocity in road. Demonstrating this fact, the image in the board is blurred giving it a high speed effect.

Blurred View

Ford Mustang - Fast

8. Mini – Light Up The Sky

Why only attract audience from nearby? Why not from far away too? Mini’s billboard lighted up the sky with Batman lights that could be visible from even a mile away. They included two 2500 watt spotlights looking up the sky making the board look catchy and all lightened up!

The One Visible From Far Away

Mini - Light Up The Sky

9. BMW i3 – Become Electric

BMW i3 is the first of its kind. It’s a totally electrical car and thus the German Top Manufacturer BMW thought of catching its audience in the exact same way. They created a totally electrical technology driven billboard for the launch of their new product.

Electric City Vroommmmm….

BMW i3 – Become Electric

10. Chevrolet Volt

This was a pre-production show. Before Chevrolet Vault was launched in market, the company made a billboard showcasing the car being charged up on the side of a building. This was just an awesome idea.

Charge Mode On

Chevrolet Volt

11. Mini – Outside The Box

Here’s Mini again with another innovative thought. This time literally ‘Out Of The Box’! Mini launched a new car in the market with the slogan ‘The New Original’, so the billboard too urged the audience to think something different and outside the box. Have a look what they did!

Outside The Board

Mini - Outside The Box

12. Honda – Plug In Vehicle

Honda launched a new technology in market, the plug in technology, where the car Fit EV is environment friendly. The car can be charged up before use and a low charge as less as three hours makes the car totally ready for the journey. Thus Honda created a billboard exactly reflecting the thoughts beyond the car. The idea will amaze you for sure.

Plug-in Rather On

Honda - Plug In Vehicle

13. Mini – 3D Show

Mini yet again came up with the first 3D billboard showcasing the timeline of an Instagram page. Mini launched its new car Mini Cooper in South Africa and to attract viewers, they came up with this innovative idea.

3D Car

Mini - 3D Show

14. Mini – Superfast

This is by far one of the most creative and eye catchy billboards. The palm trees are set along with the billboard in a manner to depict the speed of the car. It gives a feeling that the car would blow away everything in its path. We agree, it did blow away our minds too!

Gone With The Wind

Mini - Superfast

15. Audi vs BMW Continues

So as I started my article with Audi vs BMW, I am on my way to end with it too because you save the best for the last! What did you think? This war ended? No! The chess billboard fight was not enough for the top two manufacturers. After the check mate billboard reply from BMW, Audi came up with a billboard that said, ‘Your pawn is no match for our king’. Well, wait if you think this is over! BMW’s new sports car launch hot air balloon was fixed exactly at the top of this billboard flashing the message ‘Game Over’. No idea when this game gets over!

Game Not Over Yet!

Audi vs BMW Continues

Have we missed any innovative and quirky billboards? Let us know!

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