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13-Year-Old To Get Rs 11 Lakh For Finding Unique Chip In Doritos Bag

| Published on August 8, 2021

Rylee Stuart, a 13-year-old from Gold Coast, Australia is to receive a sum of $20,000 for a puffy Dorito chip which she found in her packet of Doritos. In yet another unconventional turn of events which have led to someone getting an exorbitant sum of money. Rylee found a single piece of an unusual corn chip while enjoying a packet of Doritos to which she decided to make a video of it and post it on TikTok.
In the video, she was seen asking her followers whether she should eat the chip or was it valuable. The video ended up going viral with more than 2.9 million views. Netizens suggested she sell the chip online and that’s exactly what she did. She took images of the chip and posted it on eBay for A$0.99, describing it as ‘Puffy Dorito one of a kind’.
While many did not think anything of it, a few of them thought of it to be a priceless item. Withing half an hour, the puffy Dorito started receiving bids which went up to A$10 and in an hour’s time, it went to A$10,000. The bid is currently at A$20,300 which translates to approximately 11 lakh rupees.
This hasn’t been the first instance where an unusual piece of an eatable has gone viral. Some time ago, a chicken nugget shaped as the famous character from the popular game, Among Us also got sold for an exorbitant amount. It’s safe to say that the internet works its magic on the most random things and one can never guess when it favours your luck.
Although, one thing’s quite obvious. The next time you come across any eatable which looks weird or unique, post it online! You may just be the next one in line to win 11 lakh rupees!

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