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12-Year-Old Genius Hired By An MNC As Data Scientist

| Published on December 1, 2019

Information and Technology is comparatively a new field. People are still coming to terms with their impacts and usage. It is definite that younger generations have a stronger hold on the IT concept than the previous ones. It is common for people to spend years trying to learn enough about coding to get a job. This young boy, however, defies the norms.

Belonging to Hyderabad, this young boy, who is merely 12-years-old, has recently been recruited by a software company as a Data Scientist.

Data Scientist

The wonder!

The young genius, Siddharth Srivastav Pilli, is a class 7 student of Sri Chaitanya School, Hyderabad. He was hired for the Data Scientist position at a Hyderabad startup- Montaigne Smart Business Solutions.

Values are tight!

In a recent interview with news agency ANI, the young coder thanked his father for getting him interested in coding from a very young age. His father made him read biographies of successful people in the field which only heightened his interest in coding.

Besides coding, Siddharth is also an avid gamer. Inspired by his father, he is also quite interested in the field of artificial intelligence. The young prodigy is extremely grateful to his father for having introduced him to the field of coding and says that he is the reason why he got a job at such a young age.

Another wonder?

In the same interview, Pilli talked about the person, besides his father, who fanned the flames of coding within him- another prodigy by the name of Tanmay Bakshi. Tanmay started coding at the age of 5, created an iOS app when he was 9, and became the world’s youngest IBM Watson Programmer at the meager age of 12.

This is not an isolated incident of a genius achieving great success at a very young age. Abhik Saha, a 15-year-old from Kolkata, had built a social search engine, called Origgon, from scratch.

The young minds making India proud

It is greatly satisfying to witness youngsters like Siddharth Pilli reach such heights of success with sheer hard work and determination. In a world filled with negativity, these are the kind of incidents that keep the hope of having a bright future ahead of us, alive.

People have this perception that one can achieve success only after a certain age. These kids are shattering such misconceptions and proving that if you love something and are focused on it enough, you can achieve anything you want, irrespective of your age.

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