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12 Ways In Which College Students Can Earn Extra Money

| Published on December 31, 2021

Students in today’s age face more expenses than their previous generations did. And rising inflation in every sphere is another contributor, necessitating students to earn while studying. For example, the humble Internet expense, routine commuting expense, food expenses etc.. a college life now comes with an extra cost.

In some countries, majority of the student force works while studying. In India, however, the percentage of working college students are far less, though they are fast improving. Some students have everything figured out, though some find it difficult to find sources of income. Earning during learning is a great way to add experience and learn newer skills that will eventually be useful in future. And having the money, is another big takeaway. Let’s see a few ways by which college students too can earn money

1. Blogging or Vlogging

If one has good oratory skills or are good at writing, vlogging or blogging is your best bet. A good Internet connection and accounts on good forums is all you need to start blogging.
Vlogging too, does not really need expensive equipment. A smartphone or a basic DSLR camera can get you started.

2. Offline and Online Tutoring

One can choose any field of interest or specialization to teach students online or offline. Be it kids from lower standards or your juniors, if you are a subject expert and know it well, this is one option by which both parties learn new skills and information.

3. Content Creation

Earning money while writing for companies, is another great option for those who are experts at writing. And creating content is not just limited to writing. You can also create videos and post them to garner views and earn money.

4. Invest in crypto-currency


One can pursue this option only if you possess thorough knowledge of cryptocurrency. One can buy Bitcoin. Ethereum etc.. and sell them at higher prices after a period of time. Though requiring high speculation, it could be worth the wait for you, but only continue this under professional supervision or consultancy.



This is one area of work in which you can work according to your own time. One has to register on relevant platforms like Upwork, Fiverr etc.. and provide content to earn money easily.

6. Translator or language tutor


If you know any other language that could be put to use by companies, to translate important files and documents, you stand to earn good money. However, one needs to take care of fraudulent sites that use services but do not pay.
Even tutoring or teaching foreign languages can help you earn extra bucks thereby making you better at the language.

7. Data entry

The best jobs for people who want to earn part-time. One requires accuracy and qualitative and organizing skills. It allows you to make money while sitting at home.

8.Sell your craft

If you are good at making something or have learnt or know any kind of art, like customized cards, quilling, or painting, you can find a sizeable customer base in your college itself. But selling them online can guarantee better visibility and also better reach, thereby getting money in.

9.Participate in Research


One can be a research team participant on websites like Respondent, where leading brands undertake research interviews. You can also earn referral bonuses, whereby on referring someone, you stand to gain too.

10. Sell your Notes

If you are type who makes detailed notes, or whose notes are the most sought after as exams approach, make your notes into an e-format and try selling them to other students thereby making all your hardwork earn for you.

11. Take up an Internship

An internship is a sure shot way of providing practical work experience. It gives you a live demo of the way companies work, and also point out your shortcomings that you can work on for improvement. Plus, you earn a stipend. And all of this adds to your work experience.

12. Begin a startup

Those with a strong affiliation towards entrepreneurship and have some monetary availability to put into a venture, can think of doing this. Either alone or in a group. It doesn’t necessarily have to be complex, and can be something simple as starting an ice-cream stall in your college campus. The experience you get in all spheres of business is highly appreciated, and can teach you what entrepreneurship has in store for you in future

There are many other ways too like for instance taking up a part-time job, affiliate marketing, social media marketing so on.

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