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12 Interesting Facts About The Big Businessman, Mukesh Ambani

| Published on December 25, 2018

Mukesh Ambani is undoubtedly a business tycoon that everyone knows about not just in India but also the world. His name often appears in the top on the list of richest men in India and the world too. He has made Reliance a household name and not just a brand and yet the man has the simplest personality and is extremely down to earth and humble. Here are some of the lesser known facts about Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani has a nickname; he is called ‘Muku’

He was born in a lower-middle-class family and lived early days of his life in a modest two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai and used local transport to travel.

Today, Mukesh Ambani’s house Antilia is the world’s most expensive house. It took $2 billion to make the house and is spread across 400,000 square feet.

Very few know that Mukesh Ambani was pursuing MBA at the Stanford University in California which he left midway and came back to India due to the ailing health of his father.

Ambani draws an annual salary of Rs 15 crore and this has remained unchanged for quite a few years now.

His company approximately contributes 5% of the overall tax collected in India.

Mukesh is said to have never tasted the alcohol in his life, is a teetotaler and pure vegetarian.

Adi Godrej, Anand Mahindra, and Anand Jain have been his schoolmates and are also his best friends.

In his school days, Mukesh was a big hockey fan and even lost interest in studies due to the passion towards the sport.

Mukesh Ambani started a refinery in Jamnagar, Gujarat and with an installed capacity 668000 barrels/day; it has become world’s largest refinery.

Mukesh is known to be a movie buff and watches at least 3 films a week.

Mukesh has one of the most luxurious vanity vans, his van costs about 25 crores.

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