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11-Year-Old Writes To Airline CEO For Business Advice, Gets Awesome Response

| Published on March 14, 2019

Heads of the world’s most popular companies do get regular messages from people asking weird questions. What’s different is that a CEO has personally replied to one of such letters.

This happened after a school going 11-year-old grabbed the attention of the boss behind one of Australia’s largest airlines- Qantas. The guy named Alex Jacquot wrote a letter to ask CEO Alan Joyce, what advice he’d give to get an airline company off the ground.

Jacquot appealed to “please take me seriously,” when asking Joyce on what it takes to be a CEO and on advancing a business.

“I have already started some stuff like what type of planes I’ll need, flight numbers, catering and more,” Jacquot said in a letter that’s gone viral since Monday.

Interestingly, the guy described himself as the co-founder and CEO of prospective airline “Oceania Express,” and claimed that he had already hired several members of staff, including a chief financial officer, a head of maintenance, and head of legal.

He mainly wrote about the 3 issues that he is facing- what can he do to utilize his school holidays in a way that is beneficial to his startup, tips on managing an airline and how to ensure passengers get good sleep on long-haul flights.

And guess what? he received a reply! the Qantas CEO even invited Alex to a one-on-one meeting and a tour of the company’s Operations Centre.


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People praised the airline for this encouragement he was shown and hoped that Oceania Express soon becomes a reality. Some called it a clever Marketing move too.





We loved this gesture from the CEO and the fact that he took time to reply such query makes us believe that companies still care for setting up an example that makes others achieve success.

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