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2 minutes read

11-Year-Old Aspiring Journalist Gets Dream Offer From Her Favourite Newspaper

| Published on January 16, 2018

In the age when most kids don’t know don’t know what they want to pursue in future, an 11-year old girl’s interest in journalism made Washington Post reply to her.


A New York Times reporter tweeted about the dream of the 11-year-old. He revealed that he came to know about his cousin’s daughter who had secretly downloaded The Washington Post app two years ago and was reading their posts regularly. He even tweeted that when people ask her about future plans she undoubtedly says that she wants to study journalism and work for Washington Post. This is what he wrote:

Washington Post not only acknowledged this but also gave an amazing response to it.

The whole thing went viral on twitter very quickly and people started showing their love for the news publishing company.

You just convinced me to subscribe

Sweetest thing ever.

Just proves she’s already a boss

She picked the right paper

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