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11 Things You Did Not Know About Mark Zuckerberg, The Founder Of Facebook

| Published on December 28, 2018

We all know Mark Zuckerberg. He is like the first person that pops up in our mind when someone uses the word entrepreneur near us. But one of the most famous CEOs of our generation to the contrary leads a very intimate and personal life.

Many young entrepreneurs idolize him to the extent worship him and follow his footsteps. But at the end of the day, he is just human like all of us with his own set of weird little quirks that makes him, him. Here we provide you with 11 such things about Mark Zuckerberg that you had no idea about.

1. He nearly worked for Microsoft

When in high school, Mark co-created an application called Synapse Music Player. It was an MP3 player that kept a track of the users most preferred songs to suggest and create a playlist for him. Microsoft wanted to buy the application but Zuckerberg with his co-creator Adam D’Angelo got the patent to the idea and moved on to go to college.

2. He was a creator from the start

When he was 12 years old, Mark Zuckerberg made an instant messaging application and called it Zucknet. He used it to inform his father, a practicing dentist at that time when his patients had arrived.

3. Exquisite Pop culture taste

He has amazing taste in pop culture. One of his favorite books is The Aeneid and one of his favorite TV shows is The West Wing, created by Aaron Sorkin, who also wrote the screenplay for the movie The Social Network, based on Facebook’s creation story.

4. He is frugal

Although he lives in a nice home which is powered by an AI butler with Morgan Freeman’s voice, all of his apartment was found on Craigslist.

5. He wasn’t a God gifted coder

At first, Mark started learning how to code from a book named C++ for Dummies.

6. Facebook’s color scheme is because of his eyesight

Mark has red-green color blindness. That is the reason why Facebook’s color is blue.

7. He never sold Facebook

Throughout his life, Mark Zuckerberg was presented with a lot of offers for Facebook. Big companies like NewsCorp, MySpace, Viacom, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google presented him with offers to buy Facebook but he rejected all of them.

8. He’s a fitness buff

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is a fitness freak. In 2016, he made a resolution to run 365 miles during the year. He achieved this target by mid-summer.

9. He has a signature T-Shirt

Mark can always be seen wearing his grey T-shirt at any day of the week. Once when asked about it, he said that he didn’t want to waste time on deciding things such as what to wear, so his wardrobe is the same. Surprisingly, the T-shirt costs $300-$400 and was created by Italian designer Brunello Cucinelli.

10. Inexpensive car taste

Even though he has a private jet, Mark has inexpensive taste in cars. Reportedly, he drives a $30,000 Acura TSX and a Volkswagen Golf GTI.

11. The most normal Couple meet

Now parents and known philanthropists, Mark met his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan in one of the most normal ways, in line for the bathroom at a fraternity party in Harvard.

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